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Industry Insiders Predict Significant Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

Dec 19, 2011 - Chicago, IL

According to a new report from PharmaPeek, MS industry insiders are candid in predicting significant changes and growth as novel therapies enter the market and prices of current therapies are reduced.

In a new report detailing the Multiple Sclerosis landscape, industry insiders are candid in revealing specific areas of the market where more efficacious current therapies with better safety profiles are in demand. Due to the high cost of current therapies and the invasive nature of interferons, there are many unmet needs in the space. The growth of the market in the next few years is likely to increase exponentially.

The new report examines the current opinions of experts in the field concerning MS treatment options, while also reviewing potential drug treatments in Phase III clinical trials. Combining key opinion leader (KOL) input with a drug development pipeline (including key market drivers and challenges) this report provides readers with a comprehensive view of the MS therapeutic landscape.

The new report features extensive research collected first hand, with transcripts from interviews with industry thought leaders. According to several in the field, there are multiple opportunities for growth in the space as new treatments are developed:

"This is an exciting time to be treating patients with multiple sclerosis; exciting in the sense that we have an increasing number of drugs. And it seems like we will probably have at least one a year for the foreseeable future…"

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